The Management Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the institutional strategy. The different units at VIB HQ deploy a pro-active attitude to create added value for the scientific community of VIB, to provide the VIB scientists with tools to enable and facilitate their research and to reduce their administrative burden as much as possible.

VIB Operations

Facilitating VIB’s research centers, core facilities, and central services
The operations team provides adequate and state of the art infrastructure to all our research teams. Alongside this, their role will be to increase the efficiency of support from VIB headquarters and from the universities as well as exploring the deployment of inter-center services. Every effort is made within the organization to ensure that all processes run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Accommodating new start-ups
VIB has taken care of the need of biotech start-ups since the very early days through its bio-incubators in Ghent and Leuven. Successful commercial real estate initiatives have followed in the meantime to address the needs of more mature biotech companies. As the Flemish biotech cluster continues to grow, so does the need for state-of-the art accommodation for biotech companies. As a result, the team has developed plans for new infrastructure projects to continue to meet these demands and give VIB start-ups the best possible chances to grow to maturity.
Tapping into new funding resources

Together with VIB scientists, the team also identifies and tries to materialize new potential channels of significant funding for our research. The idea is to call upon international foundations and other charitable organizations in a more structured way. The plan is to identify such opportunities and to see to what extent VIB can benefit from this, leveraging our successful track record in many areas.



Attracting highly motivated, creative and dedicated scientists from all over the world is one of the strategic components of the HR strategy of VIB. Having a solid and forward looking recruitment strategy in place is a basic requirement for doing so.  Retaining our scientists and offering them a stimulating and supportive environment with ample scientific coaching, feedback and training is a second pillar of the VIB HR strategy. Additionally, VIB wishes to be a warm workplace with attention to all aspects of well-being at work. Finally, VIB wishes to empower its scientists through career development initiatives to move on to their next career step within or outside VIB.


VIB’s Science & Technology

To maintain the highest standards in research, VIB has established clear policies, procedures and practices to support its researchers. VIB’s international grants’ office bundles expertise and boosts all activities related to international grant applications at VIB.

VIB’s Science and Technology team sets up standards for monitoring and benchmarking VIB’s research to measure the impact of its science output.

As technologies continue to evolve, research methods follow suit. New technological solutions often require expertise and skills far beyond what one center, let alone one research group, can provide. This is exactly why VIB invests heavily in its Tech Watch program and in state-of-the-art Core Facilities.


VIB Innovation & Business

VIB actively encourages technology transfer and supports its researchers in converting their findings into potential products for various markets. The Innovation & Business team provides key expertise in the translation of basic scientific discoveries and the set-up of industrial partnerships that allow the further advancement of product development.



VIB Discovery Sciences

VIB Discovery Sciences is a translational research lab, part of VIB’s Innovation & Business unit. A dedicated team of industry-experienced scientists aims to build a portfolio of valuable projects that deliver validated starting points for the development of small molecules,


VIB Conferences & Outreach

Communicating effectively about VIB’s research to broader, non-scientist audiences helps to build support for science. It promotes the understanding of VIB’s wider relevance to society and encourages more informed decision-making at all levels, from policymakers to communities and individuals. In addition, VIB’s Conferences & Outreach team offers a program of international scientific conferences and science events in various VIB research fields. 


VIB Finance and Administration

VIB headquarters also supports the functioning of the institute administratively. The finance department is responsible for accounting services, reporting and cost control, short term and long-term financing, tax compliance, insurance and legal matters.

On the logistics side, headquarters support the procurement process in the center through an ERP system and through legal advice and support in relation to major investments and expenses that are subject to specific legislation for public procurement. 



The IT department supports the headquarters' administrative systems, as well as the ERP system, the interdepartmental network and the VIB websites.