VIB Vision and HR Strategy

Excellence in science requires a multidisciplinary, multicultural and collaborative research environment whereby open discussion and knowledge sharing are encouraged and wherein the professional development of all co-workers is considered as crucial. The VIB HR strategy translates this challenge into the following vision, goals and action plans: “

The vision of the VIB Management Committee about its research organization
“We want VIB to be an inspiring place for research at the interface of academia and industry, offering an appreciative and collaborative environment. We share responsibility for research, celebrate our successes together and learn from our mistakes.

We encourage risk taking, make things possible and meet and collaborate with the best scientists world-wide. In doing so, and in maintaining the highest standards of research, we mentor and coach our people in their professional development. We will earn their appreciation as VIB-ambassadors throughout their career”.

HR strategic Objectives 2012-2016

  • Develop a collaborative and appreciative organization culture
  • Install and monitor a process for exchanging expectations and feedback
  • Train and develop research leaders in their role as mentor and coach
  • Offer a program for professional development for scientists and supporting staff
  • Offer career guidance and support to researchers for a career either inside or outside VIB
  • Coach all employees in responsible research ( ethical issues)
  • Facilitate career growth for female researchers
  • Attract the right people to ensure excellence in science and technology

HR Action planning 2013
Among the several actions planned, we highlight the following

  • organization of a process for a 2-way exchange of development oriented feedback between each coworker and his/her supervisor
  • training workshops for supervisor to develop skills to conduct these feedback exchanges
  • organization of a career center aimed at postdocs with over 4 years of postdoctoral experience and attaining the end of their VIB contract, and  at PhD students in their last year. The career center is set up as a coaching program to  develop awareness of professional skills. It supports researchers in their professional orientation, either in academic or non-academic careers.
  • a series of actions to facilitate a research career for female researchers, including:
    • organization of a ‘female only’ coaching and mentoring program
    • structural measures to promote a female career, such as the use of a ‘grace period’ for young mothers for purposes of evaluation and recruitment.

The VIB – HR Strategy incorporates the European Charter & Code and was developed in collaboration with the principles of the EU HR strategy for Science (HRS4S).
View the entire acknowledgement of the EU Charter and Code.