Institutional Advisory Board

The Institutional Advisory Board (IAB) serves as an advising body to VIB and is responsible for formulating regular recommendations to VIB on its institutional policy and for discussing policies to improve the performance and international visibility of VIB as a center of excellence in life sciences. The IAB consists of prominent international scientists and managers:

  • Detlef Weigel (chair), Director Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, DE
  • Kay Davies, Director MRC Functional Genomics Unit, Department of Physiology Anatomy & Genetics, UK
  • Huda Zoghbi, HHMI Investigator, Professor Baylor College, US
  • Peter Piot, Director London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK
  • Aviv Regev, Chair of the Faculty and Core Member - Broad Institute,  Director Klarman Cell Observatory - Broad Institute, Professor Department of Biology – MIT, Investigator - Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US
  • Daria Mochly Rosen, Professor Chemical & Systems Biology – Stanford, Founder and co-director SPARK, US
  • Luc Debruyne, Strategy advisor to CEO of CEPI, non-executive director Enochian Biosciences Inc., BE
VIB’s Institutional Advisory Board, from top left to bottom right: Detlef Weigel (chair), Huda Zoghbi, Kay Davies, Peter Piot, Aviv Regev, Daria Mochly-Rosen and Luc Debruyne.