Laboratory for Mechanisms of Cell Transformation

The focus of Anna Sablina’s group is to elucidate the role of ubiquitin system in human disease. To achieve this, she has been taking a multi-faceted approach; combining mouse modelling techniques with comprehensive biochemical and genetics studies.

Anna Sablina

Group Leader
VIB Group leader since June 2009
Postdoc: Dana Faber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA, 2004-2008
Postdoc: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, USA, 2002-2004
PhD: Cancer Research Ctr., Moscow, Russia, 2002

Research areas

Human diseases Cancer Biology

Model organisms

Research focus

Cell life depends on the interplay between vast networks of signalling pathways composed of about ten milliards of proteins per cell. Normal cell functioning requires that all these proteins act in a precise spatial and temporal manner. The ubiquitin system is a key to this process and perturbation of its function leads to the development and progression of a broad range of human diseases. Ubiquitination is a versatile and dynamic post-translational modification in which single ubiquitin molecules or polyubiquitin chains are attached to target proteins. Whereas the majority of research in the ubiquitin field was focused on degradative polyubiquitination, recent studies highlight the importance of single ubiquitin modification in normal cell operation.

Cancer cells


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