Research Focus

The Cryo-EM Facility provides our users high throughput data collection on our state-of-the-art JEOL Cryo ARM 300 transmission electron microscope. This instrument can perform cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) in its two most broadly used forms, single particle analysis (SPA) and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET, offered end 2020). These imaging techniques allow visualization of biomolecular structures, such as proteins, macromolecular complexes, bacteria, and cell organelles at (near-) atomic resolution in close-to-native conditions (no chemical fixation or staining required). 

Apply for Screening time on a JEOL 1400 microscopep 

Apply for data collection time on the CryoARM 300 

Sample Preparation
For screening purposes and early sample characterisation, academic user get trained to independency in sample preparation under negative stain and cryo conditions using a Gatan CP3.
For measurements on the high resolution microscope sample can be prepared at BECM or shipped to BECM by the customer.
For industrial partners we offer dedicated time on the microscopes for self-use, as well as packages where we perform all or some of the steps from initial screening, cryo freezing optimisation, data collection and processing. For more details please contact Marcus Fislage (

BECM organises a monthly seminar in a reverse classroom approach (free for academics), as well as a biennial CryoEM course in a small group for people with little to no experience in CryoEM, which is open to academics and industrial users. If you are interested contact Marcus Fislage.