The Kristel Sleegers lab is committed to increase insight in the complex genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and to investigate the translational potential of genetic discovery, by using state-of-the-art genetic-epidemiological methods and advanced genomic technologies to identify molecular mechanisms that can serve as future targets for early detection, prevention and treatment. 

Kristel Sleegers

Group Leader
VIB Expert Scientist since 2020
Professor in Genetic Neuroepidemiology, University of Antwerp, since 2020
VIB Staff Scientist, VIB CMN 2007 – 2020
Postdoc, University of Antwerp & VIB CMN 2004 - 2011
PhD in Medical Sciences, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2004
MSc in Genetic Epidemiology, Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2003
MD, Leiden University, The Netherlands, 1999

Research areas

Human diseases Molecular neurology Computational biology Neurobiology

Research focus

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a major societal challenge and a threat to health care systems. The field of AD genetics has developed tremendously over the past 10 years, but so far this progress has had very little translation into clinical diagnosis and prediction of progression of AD. The Kristel Sleegers lab aims to increase insight in the complex genetics of Alzheimer’s disease at a tissue- and cell type-specific level, and to investigate the translational potential of AD genetics in stratification, early detection and prediction of progression.

The lab is internationally recognized for its track record of identification of ‘culprit’ variants driving association signals, using (beyond) state-of-the-art genomic technologies on a well-characterized, biomaterial-rich, locally ascertained study population with close connections to clinicians. Identification of culprit variants and the context in which they exert their effect will make Alzheimer research and development as well as genetic risk profiling more efficient. Development of genetic profiling for adoption in early detection and stratification settings may have important impact, on individual health, on society and the health care system. 

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Certificate of Honor, Research Foundation Alzheimer 2018