Redox and metabolite signaling are crucial for the proper functioning of the cell. But what are the exact players involved? And by which mechanisms does signaling proceed? The mission of the Joris Messens lab is to find answers to these questions. We aim to identify redox-sensitive proteins and to define the architecture and conformational flexibility of redox-relay signaling complexes. To understand the crosstalk between redox and metabolite signaling, we develop new tools for sensing subcellular metabolite flux.

Research areas

Structural biology Systems biology

Research Focus

One of the key aims of the Joris Messens lab is to better understand the mechanisms that control redox and metabolite signaling of the cell. We are studying the mechanisms behind reactive oxygen species scavenging, signaling, and regulation. Several oxidoreductase proteins, which successively pass on electrons via complex intra- and intermolecular cascades using thiol-disulfide chemistry, are involved. We specialize in the in vitro reconstitution of these thiol/disulfide electron transfer pathways, the study of the kinetics and protein structural changes during electron transfer, and the design of new tools to study the crosstalk between redox and metabolite signaling.

The mission of the Messens lab is to decipher how cells communicate via H2O2 and metabolite signals and how cells transduce these messages into downstream biological effects.

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