geen vertaling beschikbaar Old drugs and new treatments


Bart Lambrecht (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation research) has taken the lead in several clinical trials that are running under the promotorship of University Hospital Ghent across Belgium, in partnership with VIB. Some trials repurpose existing drugs to treat patients infected with COVID-19. A first trial is evaluating the effect of inhaled Leukine® on lung function and patient outcomes. A second approach focuses on several existing rheumatism medications to alleviate the excessive inflammatory reaction in severely affected COVID-19 patients. Two other trials employ new drugs to target the pro-inflammatory and  pro-coagulant complement system. 

geen vertaling beschikbaar 3 projects selected in VIB grand challenges program, additional projects may follow after new call


The VIB Grand Challenges Program is a translational research program with which we aim to significantly increase the societal impact of VIB. We are convinced that this can be done by teaming up with experts outside VIB who have complementary expertise (clinic, agriculture, engineering …). Together we can exploit our knowledge, expertise and toolbox to generate new, otherwise untapped avenues to create added value for society. Three projects were selected and will receive funding up to 2.5 M€. We look forward to the outcome of these collaborations!

geen vertaling beschikbaar Competitive ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Bart Lambrecht to study the role of protein crystallization in asthma


Prof. Bart Lambrecht (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research) is awarded an Advanced Grant. To qualify, a scientist has to be able to prove exceptional leadership and a solid track record of significant research achievements over at least 10 years.  To leverage their impact, individual ERC grants provide considerable amounts of money, up to €2,5million for an Advanced Grant, for example. With a budget like that, researchers can embark on a dream project that would otherwise remain out of reach. 

Hoe een behandeling voor eczeem ook astma kan verzachten


Allergische reacties zoals eczeem en astma komen bijzonder vaak voor in onze moderne maatschappij. Bovendien lopen kinderen met atopische dermatitis – een specifieke vorm van eczeem – meer risico om later ook astma te krijgen. Dat fenomeen, ook wel atopische mars genoemd, zette een team onderzoekers van VIB-UGent aan het denken: wat als we de ontwikkeling van astma konden tegenhouden door eczeem te behandelen? De resultaten van hun onderzoek verschijnen in het toonaangevende vakblad Journal of Investigative Dermatology