The Rosa Rademakers Lab is focused on the discovery and functional characterization of novel disease genes implicated in a range of neurological disorders, in particular frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) and related disorders and epilepsy.

FTLD represents 10-20% of all dementias and is clinically important because of its early onset and its dramatic impact on core human qualities, including personality, insight and verbal communication. While significant progress has been made in recent years to improve our understanding of the genetics of FTLD and the pathologies underlying this collection of neurodegenerative diseases, the etiology of the disease remains unknown in more than half of the patients.

Rosa Rademakers

Science Director
VIB science Director since 2019
Group Leader VIB since 2019
Professor: University of Antwerp, Belgium since 2019
Professor and Group Leader: Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida USA 2007-2019
Postdoc: Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2005-2007
Postdoc: University of Antwerp, Belgium 2004-2005

Research areas

Molecular neurology Neurobiology Human diseases

Model organisms

Research Focus

The Rademakers Lab leads world-wide consortia to identify causal genes and genetic risk factors for two important pathological subtypes of FTLD: FTLD with TDP-43 pathology (FTLD-TDP) and FTLD with FUS pathology (FTLD-FUS). We combine genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and proteomic analyses, including single-cell analyses on unique collections of FTLD-TDP and FTLD-FUS brain tissues to identify genes and pathways implicated in disease. We also lead consortia focused on genetic disease modifiers in FTLD patients which are known to carry mutations in GRN and C9orf72 with the goal to identify factors that could explain the large variability in symptom onset, clinical phenotype and disease penetrance in patients with these mutations.

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Potamkin Prize for research in Pick’s Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders - American Academy of Neurology



  • Highly Cited Researcher, in recognition of ranking among the top 1% researchers most cited in Neuroscience & Behaviorin in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 - Thomson Reuters

  • Mildred A. and Henry Uihlein II Professorship of Medical Research in 2015 - Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine (Endowed Professorship)

  • Mayo Clinic Investigator of the Year in 2012 - Neuroscience, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

  • Jacksonville Business Journal Health Care Hero Award on 2011- Jacksonville Business Journal, Jacksonville, Florida