Shoshana Wodak Lab

Investigating protein interactions at the molecular and cellular levels using computational biology and bioinformatics.

Shoshana WodakVisiting Scientist

Visiting group leader
Visiting Group Leader VIB since February 2014
Head of the Management Committee of CAPRI (Critical Assessment of Predicted Interactions) since 2013
Prof: University of Toronto, Canada, 2004-2012
Senior scientist Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, 2004-2012
Group Leader EBI-EMBL, Hinxton, UK, 1997-2002
Co-Director: Centre for Structural Biology & Bioinformatics, ULB, Brussels, 1995-2004
Associate Professor, ULB Brussels, 1978-2004

Research focus

A continuing focus of my research is on investigating the principles (structural, energetic and dynamic) that govern the interactions of proteins, with other proteins, nucleic acids, peptides and small molecules. To that end I employ molecular simulation and modeling techniques to study these interactions at the atomic scale. I am furthermore keen on analyzing the properties of known protein structures and sequences in order to gain insight into how evolution has shaped the functional specificity of proteins.

In parallel to these molecular level investigations I am actively engaged in developing quantitative and integrative computational approaches for analyzing physical and functional interactions between proteins, protein complexes and biochemical pathways at the cellular level. My research activities closely combine the development of analysis methods and software tools, with their application to important biological problems with relevance to human health.

Shoshana Wodak is Scientific Director of the Center for Computational Biology in Toronto, Canada.Labpage Shoshana Wodak at Centre for Computational Biology

Data and Resources

iRefWeb: a resource providing a web interface to a large collection of protein–protein interactions aggregated from major specialized databases that curate protein-protein interaction data from the literature. The resource was developed in my former laboratory at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Canada, but not updated since 2013: http:/

For a recently updated version (April 2019) of the protein-protein interaction data provided by iRefWeb please consult the iRefIndex V16 collection at: , or at the PSCIQUIC-View:

CAPRI (Critical Assessment of Predicted Interaction) website, with information on data, resources and tools relevant to modeling protein-protein interactions and complexes : .For information on CAPRI prediction Rounds see: 




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