Laboratory of Advanced Live Cell Imaging

The discovery of fluorescent proteins allowed monitoring intracellular processes in real time and brought dynamic behaviour and transitions as novel parameters, measurable by microscopic imaging. The advanced live cell-imaging group is cornered on the use and the development of various tools to optimize dynamic imaging of plant intracellular processes. 

Daniël Van Damme

Group Leader
VIB Group leader since March 2016
Expert Scientist at VIB since July 2012
FWO postdoctoral fellow 2006-2012
PhD: VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, Belgium, 2006
PhD student: VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, Belgium, 2001

Research areas

Plant biology Systems biology Structural biology

Research focus

The major research topic in the group aims to elucidate the highly dynamic process of endocytosis at the plasma membrane in plant cells. Endocytosis is a stepwise process where several players are recruited in a highly specific order. Following the recruitment of early adaptor proteins, which recognize transmembrane cargo proteins such as receptors and channels destined for internalization, endocytosis progresses through the formation of a coated pit. Fission of the formed vesicle subsequently allows the physical internalization of the membrane proteins together with their associated ligands and lipids.

Towards mechanistic insight into the TPLATE adaptor complex in plant endocytosis

Developing proximity biotinylation assays in plants to expand the interactomics toolbox

Visualizing differential temporal recruitment of the endocytic players at the PM

Developing conditional knockout strategies at the protein level

Generating structural and biochemical insight into multi-subunit complexes

Visualizing protein-protein interactions

Unravelling the link between endocytosis and autophagy-mediated degradation.


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