Research areas

Cell Biology Computational biology Systems biology Molecular neurology Plant biology

Research focus

VIB Nucleomics Core offers personalized expert services in the fields of RNA and DNA sequencing to the life science community (VIB, other academic institutions and biotech/pharmaceutical industry). Technologies offered are Next Generation Sequencing on Illumina (MiSeq, NextSeq500, HiSeq4000 and NovaSeq6000) and Third Generation Long-Read Sequencing on PacBio (Sequel) and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (GridION).

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To showcase the world-class scientific research of the VIB Nucleomics Core, you can discover their scientific papers in more detail.

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We are always on the lookout for highly motivated colleagues to join our team. If you are interested to work in this lab please contact us.

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The VIB Nucleomics Core can only thrive thanks to the dedication and commitment of its people, no matter what their function or seniority.

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To stay up to date in rapidly developing fields, scientists regularly interact with (international) colleagues. Conferences and other (scientific) events are an excellent way to facilitate such a continent-spanning knowledge exchange.

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