Lab technicians at VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology

"My group and I are responsible for the care of different species of plants. This means that we not only water the plant, but also check for diseases and insects, and treat issues if we find them. All plant residue is steamed here as well and then removed in an organic waste container. We also clean all or own material.

At the moment, we have 21 growth chambers and about 1,000 square meters of greenhouse. In June, this will be expanded with 9 additional growth chambers and an extra 400 square meters of greenhouse in our new building.

During the past year, we have started to use a QR-code system for the plants/trays to work as efficiently as possible. After scanning the QR-code, the owner receives an e-mail that alerts him or her and details which work needs to be done.

For the future we will keep looking for new ways to work even more innovatively and efficiently."

- Nico Smets, lab technician

Pictures: respectively Nico Smets and Giorgio Ciancimino tending to their plants