Science Director: Sebastian Haesler

Our mission

Today, neurobiology stands at an exciting crossroad. In their quest to unravel the secrets of the brain, a number of approaches, such as molecular and cellular biology, genetics, imaging, physiology, and behavioral studies are converging. In the past, each of these approaches has contributed significantly to our understanding of the brain. But now, it is their convergence that yields exciting results at an ever increasing pace.

The mission of NERF is to unravel the anatomical and functional fundamentals of neuronal circuits. We do so by using and integrating neurobiological and nano-electronic approaches. Established in 2010, NERF currently consists of 34 researchers of which 76% internationals. The first goal is to generate the evidence needed for a theory of mental function and memory. Secondly, NERF should result in new medical applications for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders or malfunction.

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NERF, empowered by imec, KU Leuven and VIB
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Kapeldreef 75

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