Each year, the Flemish government bestows awards upon certain individuals on July 11th. These ‘Eretekens’ are a tribute to people who have proven themselves exceptionally serviceable for Flanders, and who have made great contributions to the international prestige of the region.

Ajit Shetty

With great pride, VIB reports that Ajit Shetty, the chairman of VIB’s board of directors will receive an ‘Ereteken’ of the Flemish Community on Thursday July 11th.

The engagement of Ajit Shetty is crucial for VIB and also contributes to the international charisma of Flanders. Both through his role as chairman of VIB’s board of directors and through his many directorships in, among others, the United States, China, and India he acts as a catalyst for progress. As shaper of the national and international biotech ecosystem, the influence of Ajit Shetty’s work can be felt in Flanders and far beyond.

Jo Bury (managing director VIB): “Even after his role at Jannsen Pharmaceutica Ajit Shetty has continued to add enormous value to the innovation ecosystem in Flanders. I have a tremendous respect for how he fills his role. At VIB, we feel privileged to have Ajit Shetty as chairman for our board of directors.

More international recognition for VIB leadership

This great news comes only a few weeks after the announcement that Jo Bury, managing director of VIB, has been elected to be a part of the prestigious Advisory Board ​of the European Innnovation Council. The innovative leadership of VIB thus receives international recognition on many levels. 

Bart De Moor (member of VIB’s board of directors): “the election of Jo Bury as one of the 22 experts in the European Innovation Council is a recognition of his vision, reflected in the success of VIB. In this function, Jo Bury will undoubtedly represent the success of Flanders’ innovation model at the European level, both in general as in the biotech sector specifically.”