The story of Tim, a young boy with primary Immunodeficiency

Adrian Liston teamed up with illustrator Sonia Agüera-Gonzalez to tell the story of Tim, a regular 7-year-old boy, who happens to have a primary immunodeficiency.

Heading into the hospital every month for treatment is just a normal part of Tim’s his life. He doesn't really see the fuss, but he knows how scared his parents are when he gets sick. For Tim, it is much more important that his friends are vaccinated so that he can play with them!

Liston: “The idea was to put out a kid's book about why vaccination and hygiene is important, using the perspective of a child with primary immunodeficiency as the story-teller. For vaccination to be truly effective at protecting vulnerable people like Tim, we need to vaccinate everyone.” 

With the help of scientists in his team at VIB-KU Leuven, the story of Tim and the “battle robots of the blood” has been translated to Dutch, French and German. Liston: “The COVID19 pandemic teaches us that viruses don’t respect borders or linguistic barriers. As an international lab, we were able to release this in 10 languages!” 

You can find the book on Amazon. All the author’s proceeds will go towards the support of research into the immune system and public engagement on immunology and vaccination. 

Use promotion code ‘VIBGrandchallenge’ for a free e-copy of the book (promotion will be active from March 28th onwards)


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