Get ready for the next edition of VIBes


In 2019, VIBes will once again connect PhD students across disciplines with peers from all over the world. This unique international symposium, launched by VIB in 2008, has a proven track record of five successful editions. The event is organized by PhD students for PhD students, catering specifically to the needs of young ambitious scientists.

VIBes combines scientific talks in all areas of life sciences with workshops aimed at career development. The conference offers plenty of opportunities to communicate with fellow participants and speakers alike in between talks and at planned social activities, including a conference dinner and a fun wrap-up party.

New year, new team

This year, a brand-new team of enthusiastic VIB PhD students takes on the organization of the symposium: Lia Martina, Silvia Radenkovic, Jhana Hendrickx, Giulia Doglio, Chiara Lonigro, Marta Wojno, Tim Van Den Bossche, Cemile Kocoglu, Ilias El Houari, Brajabandhu Pradhan, Deepanksha Arora, Ana Catarina Cascalho, Dennis Pedri, Lorenzo Canti, Rahel Park, Hanna den Bakker, Anna Chrzanowska and Anna Zimmermann. Marleen Vanstraelen and Elisabeth Stes (VIB HQ) will guide the students in this challenge.

Ludger Goeminne (VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology), who was part of the previous edition’s organizing committee, speaks very highly of his experience: “Being part of a fun and committed team, I got invaluable hands-on organizational experience and opportunities to interact with world-class scientists.” Jaana van Gastel (VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology), feels the same way: “Organizing VIBes was one of the most fulfilling things I have done. It was amazing how we were able to achieve so much. Even more, I met a lot of new people, from different backgrounds and with different interests.”

Along with her fellow students, Iryna Voytyuk (VIB-KULeuven Center for Brain Disease), can’t hide her enthusiasm: “Organizing VIBes 2017 was a thrilling experience. It was so rewarding to see our team succeed with each small accomplishment, culminating in a streamlined conference experience enjoyed by our participants and speakers.”

Nothing but praise

If you’d ask the participants of the last edition, there’s no doubt that the symposium is worth a visit: 93% of them said they would highly recommend the conference. “The great diversity of the talks gave me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and look for a potential new direction for my research,” one student said. We even overheard some participants compare the presentations to the famous TEDx Talks.

Additionally, the interactive workshops seem to prove their value: “I understood that I am not alone in my problems and could exchange my knowledge and experience with others,” one participant claimed. “These kinds of events are invaluable to the PhD community. Keep it up!”

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