Jo Bury

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Taskforce of the European Commission aims to support researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs with bright ideas to create societal and economic impact.  The ultimate goal of the EIC is to turn science into new businesses and to accelerate their scale-up pursuing high-risk high-reward innovations until commercial viability is reached. To do so, the European Commission has earmarked 12,2 B€ to the EIC in the period 2019-2027.

Today, the European Commission has appointed an advisory board that will guide EIC in realizing its goals. It will be composed of 22 exceptional innovators from among leading entrepreneurs and biotech management pioneers. Together, they will provide strategic advice to achieve EIC’s mission of funding Europe’s most exciting advances of its most talented visionaries and innovators. They will also guide the growth of the European Innovation Council during its pilot phase until it becomes a full-fledged reality from 2021 onwards under the next EU research and innovation program Horizon Europe.

It is with great pleasure and honor that VIB can announce that its managing director, Jo Bury, has been selected to be part of this prestigious Advisory Board​

Ajit Shetty, chairman of the VIB board of directors, is very pleased with this acknowledgement of VIB’s excellent leadership in the international biotech sector: “This is a terrific achievement and great news for Flanders. This goes to show how VIB is being led by forward-looking innovative thinkers who are internationally recognized for their insights and achievements. Congratulations to Jo, who will definitely contribute to the EIC’s success.”

As part of the EIC Pilot Advisory Board, Jo Bury will advise the EIC on the strategy and systems used to identify and support the most promising science and technology that will be important to shape the future of Europe.