Make research count – European researchers act


The budget for Horizon Europe, the successor of the EU research funding program Horizon 2020, risks facing substantial cuts. This will affect research funding at all levels and will impose serious restraints on scientific research in the EU member states.

Several life sciences organizations have already responded to this and they all urge leading EU politicians to reconsider the budget for science and innovation. 

EU Life, an association of 13 leading science institutes across Europe, has launched a media campaign to ask policy makers to increase the budget for scientific funding. VIB, as one of the partners, has also taken initiatives to support this. Managing directors Jo Bury and Johan Cardoen, together with Ajit Shetty, the chairman of VIB’s board of directors, published an opinion piece in the Belgian Newspaper ‘De Tijd’ (Europe cannot take a step back in supporting research and innovation). 

LifeTime, a European research initiative that aims to revolutionize healthcare, started a call for action asking for significant European investment programs to release Horizon Europe's full potential to the benefit of our economy and citizens' health. Join VIB and many VIB researchers in signing this petition​

Research matters. So does your voice. Let us make sure the EU hears it!