Spring is in the air. And how do we enjoy the awakening of nature these days… A passion VIB's plant scientists share day in day out. Their dedication to plant science helps us to tackle some crucial challenges our planet faces today. We gladly present some of VIB's plant projects. 

The planet is changing at such a place that many organisms face difficulty keeping up. Discover how VIB plant researchers strive to bring solutions for sustainable agriculture and to mitigate climate change. Read how VIB supports the growing local agricultural biotech ecosystem and how collaborations with citizens and with European research institutes help us in our mission.  

Also included: some more exciting Single Cell Research news, an interview with VIB alumnus and former Belgian minister Philippe De Backer, and a preview to the VIB conference 'Plant Science for Climate Emergency'.


Here is a sneak peek:
"From as far back as I remember, I wanted to be a researcher ('inventor' as I called it at the time). I have always been driven to explore and discover new things and I want to keep doing so, leading me to 'where no one has gone before'." – Inge De Clercq (Group Leader, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology)

"As scientists, we are extremely excited to be able to contribute to the introduction of a new crop in Flanders." - Lena Vlaminck and Judith Van Dingenen (Grand Challenges Project Soy in Flanders, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology)

"I very much like to be active at the interface between academia and industry, especially when it comes to implementing vibrant ideas combining plant research, technological engineering, and computational developments towards a green and sustainable future."  – Stijn Dhondt (Head of the VIB Agro-incubator)

"Obesity and its associated metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) is truly a 'disease of our century' that poses a heavy burden on our healthcare system." - Anneleen Remmerie (PhD student in the Charlotte Scott lab, VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research)

" It's absolutely crucial that we follow  several different pathways in the battle against COVID-19. VIB and ExeVir Bio are among the leaders in this race and must keep on pushing forward to maintain their advantage."– Philippe De Backer (VIB alumnus and former federal minister responsible for, among others, Corona)



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