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In order to stimulate medical research in Belgium, the Baillet Latour Fund awards an annual grant to a young laboratory director to financially support his or her research project in a Belgian university or university hospital. This year, the grant is awarded to Professor Sarah-Maria Fendt (VIB-KU Leuven) for her research on the understanding of metastasis formation and its treatment as a metabolic disease.

As every year, the Baillet Latour Fund awards its ‘grant for medical research’. This grant supports the research project of a young laboratory director in a Belgian university or university hospital on the same theme as the International Baillet Latour Health Prize. The jury of this International Health Prize chooses the beneficiary of the grant. For three years, an annual amount of € 150,000 is allocated to the laboratory, with a possible extension of two years.

The Baillet Latour grant will allow Sarah and her team to extend their research to metabolites that are particularly present in food, to study in particular how fats and other nutrients promote metastasis formation and to develop new therapeutic strategies against metastasis formation based on the results of this research.

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