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This year the ALS League, comes with a new challenge for De Warmste Week! One with which we can mark one of our points on our Bucket List!

The campaign will be called "ALS Eyes Challenge". Where did this name come from? In ALS, the patient loses his motor functions and becomes paralyzed. In many of the patients the eye function remains as one of the last means of communication. That is why we focus on the eyes during this campaign. 

ALS patients feel abandoned due to the lack of remedy and attention. On top of that, a lot of pALS have become isolated by COVID-19. In this way we show that we as a society still stand behind them, that they are thought of and that they are not alone. Because knowing that you are not forgotten is extremely important!

The lab of Ludo Van Den Bosch (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research) is doing researching on ALS. They already joined the ALS Eyes Challenge. Join too!

How does the challenge go?
As the name suggests, the eyes are at the center of the picture. With the arms we then form the letter A of ALS. They have to challenge their friends, family, colleagues, fans to do the same and let themselves be tagged in those pictures.

The 'Challenge' consists of 2 categories where there are prizes to be won in each category:

  • Most original/creative/ludic photo in a special place
  • The person with the most Tags at friends
Picture: website ALS Liga

Conditions to participate

  1. Take a picture where you can see the official A-symbol of this campaign. The eyes are centered in the 'triangle' of the A.  
  2. Share this photo on all your social media 
  3. Use the specified hashtags*
  4. Tag the ‘ALS Liga – Ligue SLA’ on Facebook or ‘alsligabelgie’ on Instagram.
  5. Challenge your friends / family / colleagues / fans to do the same and let them tag you.
  6. Make sure your photo is public
  7. Get a chance to win a weekend!

Ludo Van Den Bosch Lab joins challenge

As a lab that is researching ALS, we could not pass the opportunity to join the ALS Eyes Challenge.

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