VIB as innovation partner

VIB is an entrepreneurial research institute that seeks to transfer the results of its scientific investigations to society. To this end, the members of VIB’s Innovation & Business team draft, file and prosecute patents, establish research collaborations with industrial partners, outlicense intellectual property and create spin-off companies. These activities result in an average 10-15 million euro per year in industrial income and 25 spin-off companies with a total of +900 employees.


VIB Discovery Sciences is a translational research lab, part of VIB’s Innovation & Business unit. A dedicated team of industry-experienced scientists aims to build a portfolio of valuable projects that deliver validated starting points for the development of small molecules, biologicals and agrochemicals. Translating novel targets, emerging from research of VIB research groups into promising projects of drug development and agro-biotech innovations is its core business.

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Success Stories

Having a meaningful impact on society is what drives many scientists. VIB takes a proactive approach geared towards protecting new inventions by patents. These inventions serve as the basis for new startups and agreements with life science companies and thus create economic and social added value. VIB also provides significant support for the growth and development of the life sciences cluster in Flanders.

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What alumni say

The most important contribution of VIB to my career is that its directors and staff believed in our technology
and founded Actogenix. Without this company, I might have become a professor in Ireland or something else
somewhere else, who knows.
Lothar Steidler
I have been trained at VIB where translational research and entrepreneurship are key values. The combination of scientific excellence and a clear business strategy is essential for leading ONA Therapeutics.
Valerie Vanhooren
Lothar Steidler
Valerie Vanhooren (copyright IRB Barcelona)