Collaboration with industry is the key to real-life solutions

VIB scientists excel in basic research in life sciences. VIB is committed to transforming those insights into real products, agricultural innovations, medicines and therapies that improve lives. Business development is a key element of VIB’s overarching vision, and involves a blend of good science, good business and good communication to be successful. VIB’s Business Development team enables the essential links between VIB scientists and businesses with the capabilities of taking VIB’s research results to the next level.

VIB’s Business Development team

VIB’s Business Development team combines the strengths of academia and industry. Some key components which have been important in our ability to strike deals with companies are the establishment of a strong patent portfolio and knowledge basis, an active marketing of the know-how, and a flexible, tailor-made approach to negotiating partnerships.



Jan Staelens, Head of Business Development at VIB:

“Business Development is not all about commercialization – two-way learning is also an important result. We often gain valuable insights into how to move projects forward from partner companies and organizations”.



VIB pro-actively markets its proprietary knowledge and portfolio of many hundreds of patents and patent applications to businesses around the world who are willing to diligently develop products derived from VIB research. VIB inked more than 1500 agreements with local and international companies, with small enterprises and multinationals, and in areas as diverse as the food, biopharmaceutical and agricultural industry.

We encourage you to contact our team to explore opportunities for licensing, research cooperation and partnerships.

Research services for life sciences companies

VIB offers access to specialized equipment and services housed at 10 Core Facilities, which are fully adapted to the needs of the wider scientific community. VIB’s Core Facilities provide state-of-the-art servicing in transcriptomics, genomics and proteomics, protein and antibody engineering, advanced light & electron microscopy, and in assay design & proof-of-concept screens.

Teaming up with companies

The invention and development of a commercial biotech product is carried out in consecutive steps, starting with years of basic research and ending with a market introduction. Collaborating with industry is one way of advancing research and bringing innovation and technological development to consumers, patients and farmers. Since the start, VIB has forged long-term strategic alliances focused on specific areas of research. Such partnerships allow the pooling of resources and help to streamline the process of commercializing research results.

On their way to patients, consumers and farmers

There are several candidate drugs derived from VIB research undergoing clinical testing. These new therapeutic agents offer hope to people suffering from diseases such as cancer, arthritis or infectious and cardiovascular illnesses. Concerning our green pipeline, in partnership with AgBio companies, agricultural innovations based on VIB research are currently being tested.