Help VIB build the world of tomorrow!

​​VIB scientists perform world-leading research in different fields of science that will help us to face present and future challenges. From the research that aims to tackle problems such as dementia and cancer to investigations seeking to contribute to a sustainable and healthy way of food production in increasingly challenging conditions for a growing population, VIB research covers all these topics. 

To increase the social impact of VIB research, even more, the institute has recently launched the VIB-Grand Challenges Program. This initiative aims to develop – within the purview of the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations – novel applications with a tangible social impact in the fields of innovative and/or personalized diagnostics and treatments, epidemic control, and sustainable agriculture. 

This involves groundbreaking projects rooted in real-life issues and practical problems. In these projects, VIB researchers combine their expertise with that of clinicians and other stakeholders to arrive at usable solutions with maximal societal impact. At the moment, six projects are already supported through this program:

  • faster diagnosis of liver conditions  
  • improved prediction of the response to cancer immunotherapy
  • new treatments for gut issues based on microbiotics
  • novel strategies to ferry medication across the blood-brain barrier
  • an improved and personalized treatment approach for rheumatic diseases
  • an improved diagnosis of primary immune deficiency

None of this would be possible without several sources of support. You too can contribute through a donation. From €40 upwards we will provide a fiscal attest that allows you to recuperate 45% of your donation in your tax return for next year. You can make a donation on the bank account of VIB mentioning ‘Support VIB research’ (BNP PARIBAS FORTIS: BE92 0017 1194 5623 - KBC: BE10 7450 6867 9204).

Are you considering bequeathing part of your inheritance to VIB? Then please contact Wim Goemaere, Chief Operational Officer at VIB. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities that would enable you to contribute in this manner to our research. ​