Basic research as a starting point for tangible solutions that benefit society

VIB researchers don't just contribute to the progress of scientific knowledge. Our research leads to new and innovative insights into life processes, benefiting society as a whole. Our technology transfer team focuses on translating research results into diverse new products (candidate drugs, therapies and agricultural products) that can be used to help patients, farmers and consumers. VIB combines excellence in research with distinction in technology transfer.

Numerous discoveries by VIB researchers can be used for the development of novel social and industrial applications, including diagnostic tests, therapeutic agents and agricultural innovations. VIB does not itself develop and commercialize consumer-ready applications but signs partnerships with companies and spins out companies that can.  This is how the results of basic VIB research eventually end up in the hands of patients, farmers and consumers.

VIB strongly believes that technology transfer in academia flourishes best in a research environment that is inspired by the needs of patients, farmers and consumers, but that is also focused on pushing the frontiers of science. The evidence is accumulating of a correlation between top-level research and successful technology transfer.

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