VIB invests in societal impact

In the first two decades of its existence, VIB has been very successful in both knowledge creation by means of its basic research and in translating this knowledge into societal and economic impact through a professional process of pro-active technology transfer.

Thanks to its current maturity, VIB can pursue other strategic initiatives to achieve the next level of translation towards value creation and ultimately impact for society in general.

To be able to also focus on translational research, VIB has set up two specific research tracks:

VIB Discovery Sciences is a process of forward translational research, translating existing (or new) VIB knowledge into applications for patients or consumers by further de-risking it beyond the ‘academic’ proof of concept.

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VIB Grand Challenges Program is a program of reverse translational research, inspired by three of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (Health & wellbeing, Zero hunger, and Climate action). The projects are based on specific questions related to patients (or crops) to create new insights.   

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