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VIB aspires to be an inspiring place for research at the interface of academia and industry, offering an appreciative and collaborative environment. While maintaining the highest standards of research, VIB’s HR team mentors and coaches employees from across the institute during all stages of their career.

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Working in Belgium

Please contact our human resources team if you are considering a move to Belgium for a job at VIB:

VIB Vision and HR Strategy

Excellence in science requires a multidisciplinary, multicultural and collaborative research environment whereby open discussion and knowledge sharing are encouraged and wherein the professional development of all co-workers is considered as crucial. The VIB HR strategy translates this challenge into the following vision, goals and action plans.

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Meet the HR team

Attracting highly motivated, creative and dedicated scientists from all over the world is one of the strategic components of the HR strategy of VIB. Having a solid and forward looking recruitment strategy in place is a basic requirement for doing so.  Retaining our scientists and offering them a stimulating and supportive environment with ample scientific coaching, feedback and training is a second pillar of the VIB HR strategy. Additionally, VIB wishes to be a warm workplace with attention to all aspects of well-being at work. Finally, VIB wishes to empower its scientists through career development initiatives to move on to their next career step within or outside VIB.

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