Researchers strongly rely on funding from national and international funding agencies. Identifying the best matching opportunity and writing a winning grant application is a difficult and very time-consuming task for many researchers. The centrally organized and specialized International Grants Office of VIB assists its researchers in all aspects of this process. Together with experts in each of the VIB centers, the Grants Office provides support at each and every step of the grant application process and running grant.

The team members proactively scout for funding opportunities for the researchers in their lab, they assist them in putting together the strongest possible application, and they support researchers to navigate through the – sometimes - complex administrative processes.

Funding booklet

The Grants Office has drafted guidelines with detailed tips & tricks on how to write a winning grant application, including tips on how to to calculate a budget, write an abstract, and get reviewers excited. This, together with details on all available grants, their eligibility requirements, and their deadlines is available in the funding booklet.

Online platform

Every step in the grant application process is supported via an online platform: This platform provides a detailed list of all funding opportunities (only available for VIB scientists). It provides VIB researchers with a central tool to retrieve feedback on their application, obtain VIB’s tips & tricks for each part of a grant application, and get access to a dashboard showing an overview of all pending applications and running grants and obtain an overview of reports due for running grants.