VIB’s mission, vision and core values

It’s our mission to conduct pioneering biomolecular research in life sciences to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of life and to translate our research findings into products and solutions that benefit society.

We believe that breakthrough research in the molecular mechanisms of life will lead to a better quality of life, economic growth and sustainable societal well-being.

We strive for excellence in all areas of our research and encourage our scientists and employees to be entrepreneurial and creative in their thinking. Our focus on innovative technologies ensures that our research is genuinely ground-breaking, and our ambitious tech transfer approach ensures that breakthroughs in science are translated into value for society. We stimulate public engagement and transparent communication to build trust and mutual understanding.


VIB is an autonomous, non-profit research institute, headed by a general assembly and a board of directors. The general management is responsible for overseeing VIB day to day. The science directors, who head the VIB research centers, lead the institutes’ scientific program. The institutional advisory board assists VIB in its institutional policy. 

Jo Bury and Jérôme Van Biervliet

The general management, Jo Bury and Jérôme Van Biervliet (Managing Directors), ensures the institute’s day to day management. They are assisted by the unit managers: Wim Goemaere - Chief Operating Officer,  Rik Audenaert - Chief Financial Officer, Marijke Lein - Human Resources Director, Geert Van Minnebruggen - Head of Science & Technology, Rinaldo Beck – Head of ICT, Katrina Wright - Communications Manager and a central team of colleagues.

The general assembly is the organization's most senior body and consists of 35 members from academia, the industry, public and civil society.

The board of directors heads the association and represents it extrajudicially. It consists of 13 representatives from academia, industry and government. 

Board of directors

8 Science Directors head the VIB research centers and guarantee their center’s and the institute’s scientific leadership. They make up the institute's management committee together with an extended general management.

The group leader committee consists of one group leader from each center and the associated VIB-groups. Their primary mission is to assist in defining and implementing the institutional scientific strategy.

The institutional advisory board, which regularly formulates recommendations to VIB, assists VIB in its institutional policy.


VIB consists of eight thematic research centers embedded in the campus of the five universities in Flanders.