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Single-cell technologies have rapidly enhanced the molecular understanding of functional cell states underlying diseases such as cancer, inflammatory and neurodegenerative illnesses. As one of the earliest adopters of disruptive single-cell technologies (e.g. 10X Genomics Chromium), VIB is working at the cutting edge of this field. As a result, single-cell analysis is now increasingly being considered an essential tool used to understand and address fundamental research questions.

A new initiative, the ‘Single Cell Accelerator’, was recently launched at VIB. Through this initiative, VIB scientists will have access to funding to evaluate, develop and integrate emerging breakthrough single-cell technologies at VIB. This initiative will run for a 2-year trial period, and VIB groups can apply for Single Cell Accelerator funding through the Tech Watch application process. Technology platforms will be placed in the Technology Innovation Lab, and these projects will be evaluated by dedicated single-cell technology specialists.

By combining disruptive single-cell platforms, specialized data analysis and modeling tools to process omics data, and coupling this expertise with respective research themes, this program enables VIB to excel rapidly in the single-cell field.